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Thanks for vistiting Led Zeppelin Sessions. Led Zeppelin Sessions began at in May/June of 1995. After 20+ years of collecting live Led Zeppelin recordings, Bootlegs, ROIO's, I decided to put my collection up on the then young Internet. Little did I know, others had broken away from the days of underground record stores and goldmine magazine for trading tapes, buying LP's and CD's and used the Internet to meet up with other Zeppelin fans and trade. The only methods of communication online were FidoNet via BBS's and other obscure lists. Once the CD burner got to a reasonable price 4x recording speeds, the Internet lit up with traders. Gone were the days...

Fast Forward, 2011. I have taken an immense hiatus from updating my site as in 2005, my son was born. While not stopping collecting, I just did not have the time to update my site. Realizing how much I missed it, the only way to really do it right again, is to rewrite it. Here I am.

I was lucky enough to see Led Zeppelin beginning in 1975 and a few more times ending with the reunion concert in 2007. It is kind of funny how much music plays apart of ones life, and it seems Led Zeppelin has delevered for every mood I have.

I hope you like the site, and you wil see continual updatesd untill my collection is back online (now in the 1000's of CD's, LP's and Tapes). If you would like to see something different, just drop me a line by clicking the contact us link.